Beat the heat with an AC Tune Up

Beat the heat with an AC Tune Up

It’s never too early to think about an air conditioning tune up. Beat the heat before it arrives with a tune up from our professional air conditioning technicians before something goes awry and before the rush.

Air Conditioning Tune Up

An AC tune up not only ensures that your air conditioning unit is working up to full capacity, but also can identify problems before they arise. During the spring and summer months your air conditioning unit works diligently and harder than any other home system. Make sure your air conditioner will hold up against Houston, TX heat by having a professional perform regular preventative maintenance at least once a year.

An air conditioning tune up will ensure that your ac unit is running at its very best performance. When your air conditioner is not running correctly, it can cost you extra in home utility costs. The more efficient your ac unit is running, the more money can be saved in your monthly utility bills.

AC or Heat Tune Up Special For $49

At Texas Comfort Air Conditioning our number one priority is providing the best customer service and comfort to families in Houston, TX. Our current special is for an AC or heat tune up for $49. Call Texas Comfort Air Conditioning today to schedule an AC tune up before our special runs out!

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