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Heating Tune-ups

What are HVAC Tune-ups? HVAC Tune-ups are planned maintenance for your air heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They consist of an inspection and maintenance service that takes place twice a year. These tune-ups take place in the fall and in the spring.

Why are HVAC Tune-ups worth it? An HVAC tune up will detect and remedy the small stuff, prolonging the lifespan of the AC system by ensuring everything is in working order. They can increase energy efficiency when dust and debris block the airflow of an Ac unit, or the operating parts are no longer within specification, the unit will operate less efficiently and could lead to costly repairs.

Fall/Winter Heating Inspection

• Adjust Blower Components: Proper adjustment of blower components is necessary for adequate airflow to ensure your furnace can deliver maximum heating capacity and efficiency.
• Check & Test Safety Controls: Safety controls are essential for proper protection of the unit and your home.
• Monitor Furnace Cycle: We will assure that the system is cycling properly, and that controls are calibrated correctly.
• Adjust Gas Pressure, if needed: Proper gas pressure will ensure the most efficient and safe burner operation and reduces energy costs.
• Check for Cracked Heat Exchanger: As furnaces age, cracks can develop in the heat exchanger, which can allow dangerous gases (including carbon monoxide) to enter your home and endanger your safety. We will thoroughly inspect your heating system to determine if this hazard is evident.
• Monitor Flue Draft for Safe Operation: An obstructed flue will cause products of combustion to enter your home.
• Adjust Heat Anticipator Settings: The heat anticipator in your thermostat determines how often your furnace cycles and will affect the cost of operation, as well as the comfort level.
• Check & Adjust Ignition Operation: A properly adjusted ignition assures that your furnace will start reliably all winter.
• Adjust Air Flow for proper Temperature Use, if needed: Properly adjusted blower speed will ensure efficient and reliable furnace operation and comfort.
• Check and tighten all Loose Electrical Connections: Loose electrical connections are a cause of equipment failure.
• Monitor Voltage & Amp. Draw on all Motors: Motors are designed to operate at standard voltage and amperage draw. By measuring amperage draw, problems can be identified before the unit fails.
• Check Thermostat for Proper Operation: To ensure even temperature control throughout your home.
• Microbial Growth Inspection: Check for any microbial growth around ducts and vents
• CO2 Check: Check for Carbon Monoxide gas from the running furnace.
• Check Air Filtration: Ensure that the air filter is clear of debris and dust.
• Check for Gas Leak at Furnace: Inspect furnace for any indications of a loose gas line or faulty connection.

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