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AC Tune-ups

What are HVAC Tune-ups? HVAC Tune-ups are planned maintenance for your air, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They consist of an inspection and maintenance service that takes place twice a year. These tune-ups take place in the fall and in the spring.

Why are HVAC Tune-ups worth it? An HVAC tune up will detect and remedy the small stuff, prolonging the lifespan of the AC system by ensuring everything is in working order. They can increase energy efficiency when dust and debris block the airflow of an Ac unit, or the operating parts are no longer within specification, the unit will operate less efficiently and could lead to costly repairs.

Cooling Tune-ups & Inspections Include:

Spring/Summer AC Inspection

• Check Inside Cooling Coil, if accessible: Build-up on the coil reduces the system’s ability to cool, making your air conditioning run longer, increasing energy consumption and raising your cooling costs.
• Check Primary and Secondary Drains: A clogged condensate drain increases humidity levels and can cause ceiling damage.
• Check Outdoor Condenser Coil for Cleanliness: Foreign material on the condenser reduces the system’s cooling capacity.
• A dirty coil will increase your cooling cost by 50% or more and can shorten the life of your air conditioner.
• Check Operation Pressures for Proper Refrigerant Charge: Improper refrigerant charges – too much or too little – can damage the compressor and will cause high electric bills, and reduced cooling capacity due to efficient equipment operation.
• Adjust Blower Components: Proper adjustment of blower and components is necessary for adequate airflow to assure maximum cooling performance.
• Monitor AC Cycle: Our trained Technician will assure that the air conditioner is cycling properly.
• Monitor Voltage & Amp. Draw on all Motors: Motors are designed to operate at standard voltage and amperage draw. By measuring amperage draw, problems can be identified before the unit fails.
• Check and tighten all Loose Electrical Connections: Loose electrical connections are a common source of problems which cause your electric parts to fail and your air conditioner to become inoperative.
• Check Thermostat for Proper Operation: To ensure even temperature control for your environment.
• Check Air Filtration: Check the air filter for any debris or excessive amounts of dust accumulation.